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Date Thursday, June 11th 2020, 9:33 AM; Icon 28; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Exactly what I have mentioned, the end is what feels good. While you educated your agi you were probably bored wanting a Netflix show to binge, but in the end of the day you felt great that you'd completed the grind. That's what I am saying, the grind itself isn't fun, the atmosphere later it was keeps people going.Films and books are meant to amuse you though. Grinding a skill on a match is similar to grinding a skill in real life (like playing an instrument). You need to repeat the identical stuff all the time, you fail a lot and most of the time its just bothersome and dull. But then when you are finally able to play the tune you're learning its a fantastic feeling, just when you are eventually able to utilize the skillcape.

This really is a false equal. As you're continuously enhancing your ability and so the quality of your play little by little playing an instrument is something you actively practise to improve upon, there is a gratification feedback. Grinding a skill over and over does not take skill, there's no risk of failure, I know full well I can click a stone to mine 1000 times or once. It does not take skill to do, and it is not something that you need to practise to get better at.I think the runescape equal would be learning raids or some thing. It requires a while and you need to focus and get skillwise, same as learning a new tune on guitar for instance. Training mining? Yeah..not so much.

The other major difference is that you're never on"autopilot" when you are playing a tool (if you're doing it right at least). There's basically. I do not think there is anything akin to grind outside of old school MMOs. I can't explain why I have the urge to play with it for ~80 hours after every ~4 weeks. Obviously its not precisely the same, the one is a digital skill, another is a life skill. However grinding a rs ability has a lot (and no, not all) of these attributes too: you get constant satisfaction feedback (leveling up, finishing tasks/agility laps/mining complete inventories/getting drops/getting pets etc.), you can fail barriers, die at bosses. Your skill as a human can get better in supervisors or your personality may get better at climbing runes. And not all of the abilities have exactly the exact same amount of gratification feedback.

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