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  Seeing a lot of celebrities sporting different hairstyles

Date Monday, June 8th 2020, 6:26 AM; Icon 26; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Lace wigs have been a common staple to a lot of people nowadays, especially to those in the entertainment Industry. Seeing a lot of celebrities sporting different hairstyles, which all look flawless and natural can make anyone envious and curious of how they can achieve the same looks. Each strand of this hair on the unit is hand-made and tied into a lace which is then later applied to the hairline giving it that natural undetectable appearance.There a few ways on how to apply the lace full lace wigs, and one of the most common is to sew it in. Braiding it in corn rows is the first step you need to follow, so the wig can be placed properly. Rubbing alcohol in your hairline of your forehead will help remove oil and dirt. This is where you will lay the lace once the wig is applied in your head. Applying a scalp protector will keep your skin from direct contact with the glue. It is also used to protect your scalp during hot and humid weather, when you are swimming, and moreover when you have an oily skin. Let it dry after applying the scalp protector to the front hairline. Then apply the adhesive, being careful not to get adhesive to your hairline. Starting at the back slowly put on the wig and stretch it to the front. You can then line up the lace in your desired location and firmly press the lace to the scalp. Using the back of a comb or brush can do the trick. Using a clip, pull up all the hair but leaving an inch down around the back and ears, then start to thread your needle. Sew the lace to the corn rows created earlier. Start at the side of the head moving along the back until you reach the other side. When complete, tie the thread off with a knot. In order to clean the area, rub alcohol with cotton around the hairline twice. Apply the scalp protector before putting a thin layer of adhesive at the back hairline, and press it down firmly to finish the job. You may want to let it dry for about 10 minutes before styling your newly-applied hair lace wig.Lace Front lace wigsLace fronts are a great alternative to full lace wigs. Lace Fronts have lace in the front of the wig only.If you want to learn more wigs uk, you can click on the web: www.yneed.co.uk

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