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  NBA 2K21 should be a version based on Kobe

Date Monday, May 25th 2020, 8:53 AM; Icon 14; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

First of all sorry for my poor english, I will do my best... Well, hello everyone, this is only something I thought this day while enjoying after a lengthy time NBA 2K11, that with NBA 2K12 I consider the finest NBA 2K game ever produced, and I played some of the challeges in this"Jordan Challenge" mod. To be able to clean them you need to achieve particular objectives which are in line with the famous game/series that each of these represents, by way of instance the first is the 1986 63 points playoff match against Boston, in which you need to score at least 63 points, make at least 6 help and have a 55 percent FC with MJ (if I remember well), also for this one specifically you do not have to win, just clear those objectives is sufficient (also Boston won the actual game so that really does make sense).

Anyhow I though it may be cool 10 decades later to do the identical thing for Kobe, sadly in another circumstance because this could be a sort of tribute to him :(For instance there'll be his 81 points game, his final 60 points match...and others. What do you believe? I know the most of NBA 2K relies on the internet part but maybe something like this is a fresh addition to NBA 2K after all these years, and maybe compleating each challenge can unlock some thing for My Career or My Team idk. That is it, so you would appreciate something like this? It would be a mod you will play? Mamba Forever.

Yeah, I know, I'm not becoming an NBA 2K game because 2K14 but I saw the previous one in particular with his online mod have also some slot machines like part or shit like this, I mean wtf? I thought they might give a part of the gain from 2K21 the Bryant family use to sopport...yeah maybe is something that 2K would do right now? Yeah. They should do a MyCareer were you start out as Kobe in High School and you play through his profession with the lakers some how if they decided to take action.

2K key laughing at us since we believe NBA 2K requirements will be just like the spotlight challenges, watch it be something entirely different. I have more than sufficient for each team, but I wanted to make sure I had a strong beginning 5 in the event the prerequisites become 13 for the match, which I'm kinda thinking is gonna be the situation. 3 opals 30 complimentary pinks and a possible paired with Harden and Kobe is not.

However, I know I also have an OP man or two for every team and checked each one to make sure my beginning 5 could be produced out of men diamond or higher using a lot of HOF badges (some current amethysts like Bonga and Bamba additionally will work). Was brief a 2 guard for Warriors bought the Buzzer Beater Klay. Was desperate for a 1 or 2 for Hornets so caught the PD Devonte... they are all only rentals though.

More information about NBA 2K20 in www.mmoexp.com

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