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  2K drops the participant base

Date Thursday, May 21st 2020, 9:58 AM; Icon 27; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Trying to think of a group where I could find the blocks easily that doesn't possess a dominant 5 or 4 and uses a PG which slashes instead of shoots. I really do still need steals but it is easy enough to spam that on TTOff where there is no foul out, or in Domination by matching up with the PG. Me am not stressing. Just the blocks.

I got all the rest of his stats by making him the large on TTOff but debating whether to make him both the small and put Dwight and Kareem in since I do not want rebounds with him. I just need steals and blocks, so that I could attempt to steal right at the beginning of the ownership and if I overlook, chase down to the block on their PG. The matter with TTOff is the fact that it is a crap shoot. You are running PD Billy so you are gon na get 2 crappy cards and a PD in return in the 26, and 2 Evo's. The matter is really where their PD is from game to game.

Have you tried to locate the lowest difficulty level game with Mugsy Bogues in it? a pro match against him ought to be block town although I don't remember. That is a good idea. But I was wondering if I need to jump into a MTU match, get on the mic, tell the man I need 5 cubes with Billy and then he can have NBA 2K. If he allows me to block 5 occasions, I simply exit. Appears to be a good bargain for the recipient as he gets to jump up the ladder and does not need to play a game to do it. Was considering it in TTO, but cubes would be harder, and NBA 2K is shorter so there is not a great deal of incentive for the"booster".

What is the best way to utilize tokens? This is my very first nba 2K game, if the next one comes out, does this you completely perish? Spend tokens on packs in market, convert to MT. move up market rewards ladder. First shot worth it hit is Jonathan Isaac on Diamond. 4 good PD rewards (joel, rj, beasely, dlo), 3 or 4 opals (duncan, smith, lavine, beal and robinson marginal). If you ditch a lot of tokens into it and just reach Isaac, probably not worthwhile. Isaac is great however, the MT you might have made turning and ripping packs you could easily buy a card that is much better. It's frustrating that you need to purchase dozens of garbage crap cards along with your tokens to move the ladder up.

If you will play enough to get to PD or Opal, I'd say its worth it. Like when they update the industry next, I must find a new galaxy opal straight away. I have got good run out of Ariza, Isaac, RJ, Beasely, Embid, and Duncan. If you are occasional and or casual, ripping the packs is probably best. I would save the tokens for gamers, however there are certainly many who do not if you would like to mill that grind. Working your way through the participant rewards. Whenever the next 2K drops the participant base is generally super small, and pretty much dead since there isn't any new content.

Check out www.nba2king.com for more details.

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