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  Turning these present collections in functions

Date Thursday, May 14th 2020, 8:49 AM; Icon 12; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

World of Warcraft's Valentine's Day occasion, Love is in the Air, has gone live on the World of Warcraft: Classic servers at February 11th! The occasion was, like nearly all the WoW events, initially a much smaller festival than it currently is. Blizzard did a comprehensive rework on it a decade ago back in 2010 which saw it turn more into what we see on the contemporary servers and continued to tweak it on the way.

Nevertheless, you may want to forget everything you know about the contemporary version of the festival in case you aren't knowledgeable about the way it works in Classic. Love Tokens are not money, but a quest that is strangely-capitalist-Goblin-themed is not, and you won't get the very same collectibles and mounts. It stripped down, but there is still plenty of reasons!

A lot of the holiday is based around giving Love Tokens to NPCs around the capital cities. To do so, you have to get the Love Tokens in the innkeeper, as well as some cologne or perfume. Cologne permits you to give Tokens to NPCs, and perfume permits you to give them to man NPCs. The abomination guards in the Undercity, however, can be granted gifts regardless of which you're wearing -- they just like that you smell pleasant.

In return, you'll be awarded Gifts and Pledges of Friendship, a tiny openable item that provides you a random collectible depending on what city you're in. Collecting enough of these lets you make a gift collection specific to this city. Collecting gift collections of all three towns permits you to create your faction-specific present collection, which you can then turn into a democratic leader of your choosing (Thrall, Cairne and Sylvanas for Horde, and Magni, Tyrande, and Anduin for Alliance). Particular buffs are given by completing these gifts.

Turning these present collections in functions as a vote for your hottest leader of your faction. Doing a kiss emote on Kwee causes him to provide you an hour-long +200 HP buff, so he is worth keeping around! There are a couple other activities happening as well, such as the Dangerous Love quest lineup, which rewards you with holiday-exclusive products. Make sure that you get a move on if you intend to finish ahead of the event ends on the 16th!

Check out www.mywowgold.com for more details.

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