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  If you're only wanting to play RuneScape

Date Sunday, May 3rd 2020, 6:43 AM; Icon 54; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

And sometimes I enjoy more lonely time than she does, but it doesn't, and shouldn't, cause a strain on the relationship.For your case specifically, it seems like your own dude has some trust problems. I really don't know if you plan on getting a hold of these guys you used to speak to in the past, in which case I could see your bf's (or anything you're calling him) side of things, but if you're only wanting to play RuneScape. There's no reason. It's just. IMO if something is inducing such big arguments, I expect things.

No sorry. Tbh that seems to me like a. What's his fear? That you cheat online? That you'll find someone better? Trust. Is he unhappy cause the idea of you with somebody else? He needs to process that and more ahead. I don't find any logical reason for him not to want you playing with an internet game for fun just because you had LDR's years. Perhaps a conversation why he is worried about him where you can explore may help him to express his issues and move on from them. Hope you guys might get a middle ground.Sorry about this for extended rant. I'm running out of things to do in quarantine. Basically, Araxxor was a precursor to Telos, therefore some may argue that Telos is the most exceptional, but he's a lot of lore behind his existence and he feels kind of shoehorned. Yeah, Telos is trendy, but walking through the Haunted Woods, past a port of dead, bordering the foreboding city walls of Darkmeyer, lies a cave. The cave has air, and you are led by entering down a crooked, gooey path with much more cocooned corpses hanging from the ceiling.

FFS, when you enter the fight in solo, you're greeted with a very disturbing message: You input the den... alone. Everyone down to the artists and animators who worked on this cave and boss fight is a fucking genius. Fighting Telos in the planet's heart sounds significant. However, while you wander into Araxxor's cave, you're feeling small. You feel helpless. And you feel lonely. Telos owes its uniqueness all into the inspiration it required from Araxxor if anything.

The weapon is equally unique and as creepy as the boss. Sure, scythes existed in-game ahead, but not as functional weapons. This was brand new. Employing a scythe is so badass. The weapon is the ideal representation of the procedure used to make it and the manager where it came.The halberd animations were only made for this particular weapon. The poisonous scythe creates a better halberd-class weapon than halberds. I discovered this when I used it with a keepsaked monster halberd because my licks didn't look as clean and skills like quake and storm looked less clear. This is the 1 melee weapon in RuneScape that not appears awkward, even if my rotations cancel abilities in orders that are awkward.

It's a decent spec for PvP. Not actually a PvPer but much like nox weapons, Mirrorback is like vengeance on crack on legacy mode. Considering that the Zaros Godsword was given its own market, the scythe is pretty much the only weapon in its own tier. And if used properly it can still lay down some critical DPM, especially given the tactical advantage of not being required to stand in melee distance of your opponent.It is your best slayer weapon in RuneScape. Hands down, nothing beats at the AoE of the scythe. This weapon has been created to dice, slice and disembowel. Magic and ranged have their own AoE-based advantages, but unlike these, the Scythe chose a combat style formerly known for one-on-one DPM and gave it the capability to carry out hordes of enemies. It fundamentally changed how people looked at slayer and removed the need for a multicannon for effective melee slaying.

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