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  There is always OSRS for its actual rs experience

Date Wednesday, March 25th 2020, 5:22 AM; Icon 6; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

I really don't like how the 100% 10 key chance tricks people into thinking they overlooked another black gem rarity thing, like the 100mil or shadow gem items. Why are 10 treasure hunter secrets a black gem thing in the event the opportunity to receive them is 100% in your first key for the promotion? I don't like the way that it's given to you personally as 100% with the beginning of this promotion yet it is not indicated in any way from the'view probabilities' screen. As if anyone really needed proof that you shouldn't be expecting whatever probabilities they tell youpersonally, but hey. Bears repeating. Some individuals actually are not aware of that.

I think that the complaint is much more about the manipulative nature of it rather then the fact it is"free keys". It is a frequent strategy referred to as"the very first ones free" where you give someone a free strike on something that you know can be considered addictive in order to get the ball rolling in hopes they will spend more. While many us understand the keys are a fall because of events. You will find people STILL who do not and assume they got super lucky. And people who have gambling addictions will 100 percent chase that winners high despite the fact that they basically won nothing.

Such a bizarre complaint tbh. They provide you frankly, and 10thk first roll thats the best decoration. Why do I need gp or even darts when I keep going and could win a keys? Employ the"keep going" logic to someone hooked on TH and spending IRL money on it. Doesn't seem to me to be an ethical thing. There's a reason why over 90 percent of MTX revenue comes from less than 10 percent of the player base.If you remove the junkies, then the cost goes up significantly and/or the game shuts down. You can spew that"moral" shit all you need, but without that, you do not have a game to playwith.

Well if MTX is so important and sub prices are useless then I really don't see what's stopping Jagex from eliminating sub prices for RS3 and allow the whales pay for conducting the game like almost all MMOs nowadays. Mandatory subscriptions are a thing of the past, GW2 and ESO ditched hiding game content supporting a monthly paywall to get MTX.Half the earnings for RS3 comes from subscribers. Sub fees aren't useless, but MTX is also clearly assisting the match. It would be absurd for Jagex to make the choice to cut RS3's revenue in half (this goes for removing MTX or vouchers ).

I mean rather than dumping it if the match used any of that revenue that might hold some water. RS3 has less than 20 developers last I checked and makes well over 50 MILLION gain a year.I'm not certain what you mean. Would not the owners undoubtedly be needing to maximise profit? Cutting on subscription will half RS3's earnings. They will attempt to increase earnings if half their earnings drops.

That is something that you should tell people like EXPHuster who make it sound like subscription fees do not matter anymore telling people to shut up about MTX. After several decades now is IMO Jagex is stuck onto a transition from Subs to MTX. We'd see membership fees increase again if we got rid of MTX. When we eliminate subscription, we'd see more aggressive and OP MTX to attempt to increase that revenue.

I am okay with either manner. It's either they go hard on MTX or focus all of their efforts into building a subscription value it. It really makes no difference to me personally since I've had lots of experience playing PaytoWin games and there is always OSRS for its actual rs experience. Idk if people realize that RS3's MTX is already very aggresive, TH is the equal of Gacha Boxes or Loot Boxes since the Western MMOs phone it so it can't get any worse. While Gacha or even Loot Boxes give out junk more often, TH is more OP as it's a high chance at xp and incentive xp which you are able to purchase off with keys. Jagex is giving it away easily Though MMOs would try to restrict xp profit as players playing for a time. I have gotten an amount of bonus xp from free keys with their promos. It is counterintuitive that they market xp to skip lots of skill levels when the main goal of this subfees would be to keep players subbed as long as possible and have them working on those skills.

Check out www.rsgoldfast.com for more details.

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