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  I performed RS3 for a little

Date Saturday, March 21st 2020, 5:44 AM; Icon 4; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

I will get downvoted to this because it is Reddit and Reddit downvoted anything that is not at the mood. Death's Office has been a update that has effectively removed danger and danger from RuneScape game. Monsters were dangerous and you also made sure that you're well prepared (and didn't risk your most expensive kit if you did not want to lose it) prior to doing any high degree NPC murdering, or carrying on quest battles.

Now, because RS money is easy to obtain, death is simply a minor annoyance that has led to RuneScape game getting simple to playwith. There is a reason and it's primarily because there's very little risk, and effect of dying. Very little danger makes RuneScape game boring to play as there is no danger that provides you an adrenaline rush. Should they comprise it into OSRS then it will have precisely the effect it had on RS3 and RuneScape game will be ruined.

I have been a osrs RuneScape participant since its release and I attempted rs3 if eoc came out but finally quit and left for older school. I've wanted to return to rs3 reason I adore questing (pursuit cape on two accs and working on a no manual pursuit cape) and that I love the rs3 quests, so I miss dungeoneering and summoning. My question is, do I start a fresh account to acquire a mini tutorial or if I play with my OG account which has a few 99s and 85-90 cb stats. And any advice or guidance/places to discover guides would be useful.

So I performed RS3 for a little while before coming back, and on this account I rushed through of the quests to access Prifddinas and rushed skills too. Now some quests and I am enjoying with and it's been a LOT. I wish I had taken my time. I really enjoy my accounts, but when I could redo the thought of enjoying the quests, I would.Make a fresh accounts, say that you haven't played before when it asks, then play all of the tutorial material up until it lets you go to Lumbridge, then hop back to your original account. If that shouldn't take more than about an hour. The tutorial will help quite a bit with some of the stuff that is new like combat as well as the mining and smithing changes.

Check out www.rsgoldfast.com for more details.

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