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  Regardless of the RuneScape playerbase advocating so strongly

Date Wednesday, November 13th 2019, 6:05 AM; Icon 12; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Regardless of the RuneScape playerbase advocating so strongly that the match is cheap RS gold dominated too much by pay-to-win content, nevertheless, Jagex has shown little interest in altering the process.That might change now that Kotaku has emphasized a report from the UK Parliament's September 9 study on"immersive and addictive technology." That report specifically references a RuneScape player who built up debts while incurring over $62,000 in fees through spending on the match's microtransactions, which the report also indicates caused significant financial harm to the gamers' parents, also.

The report summarizes the practice of Jagex are restricting players to an obscene 5,000 pounds - approximately $6,250 USD - in spending. The report then goes on to suggest that the limit comes out of fraud avoidance, not because Jagex feels a responsibility to protect its players from inconsistent or harmful spending.The motive RuneScape's situation is so interesting is because it is intentionally pay-to-win, to the point that everyone participating in the sport knows it. Jagex regularly releases ability promotions for money that put gamers willing to pay for them of the free-to-play counterparts and strong armor sets.

That does not alter the reality that it appears like Jagex has small difficulty exploiting players with gambling addictions to make a profit, and the microtransaction model continues to prove with subsequent reports detailing its systems that it surely has to be removed from gambling when possible. Not every situation is as poor as RuneScape's appears to be, but it's possible we are not far off if the laws being indicated to rein these practices in doesn't get approved shortly.

For RuneFest is the yearly celebration of all things RuneScape. This includes the legendary Old School RuneScape and its brother, RuneScape.Around 75,000 players've already had access to this closed beta, and now that I have great news for you. RuneScape is going into access in the future, and a lot has changed. I don't mean they've meddled with exactly what makes RuneScape great, rather, they've worked to make your experience.

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