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  Stealing from the town and even kidnapping kids

Date Monday, October 7th 2019, 6:20 AM; Icon 19; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

When Astellia starts, it is going to come with a system known as"dungeoneering", a exceptional twist on the typical MMO dungeon run. Throughout dungeoneering experiences, players will have the ability to see loot tables prior to entering and every player will make even more rewards based on individual / group performance. At length, the dungeon will"score" performance. We checked in with all the Astellia team to find out more about these exceptional mechanics. Watch what they had to say.

You say that the narrative is driven by dungeoneering. What kinds of quests can players see in the world? Will some dungeon quests be multi-stage (as in clearing more than one to complete the goals )? A fantastic example of the way dungeons induce the story in Astellia is revealed fairly early in the game play. Especially, we are speaking about Rutlass Den. Since the player is making their way through the world they will come to a city called Meiville. Back in Meiville, the taxpayers are having some serious problems involving children going missing. The local Kiyos, a humanoid ferret-like race, have become unnaturally aggressive lately, stealing from the town and even kidnapping kids.

Ultimately, you must bring an end to whatever is causing the Kiyos to commit those acts. Each of these facets of this story link to quests which the participant will be able to complete as they make their way through Rutlass Den, also by bettering them you not only earn the dungeon loot and quest rewards, you learn more of this story behind the events.

With regard to the"greater functionality = greater rewards" part: The Way"visible" will the functionality scores and/or rewards would be to fellow gamers? Is it possible that this could lead in PUGs, particularly to poisonous or trolling behavior between players? How will you tackle this? Your dungeon score is revealed once the last boss is defeated, this position is just displayed to those who engaged from the dungeon, and once they leave the dungeon this score is no more publicly visible. Moreover, the score displayed is reflective of the group's overall performance, unless you are in a solo dungeon of course, between both of these facts we do not have concerns about players functionality shaming one another.

Check out www.mmoexp.com for more details.

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