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  help us customize the shopping bags we need

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Learn about the different types of fabrics and help us customize the shopping bags we need.

Many people don't know what kind of fabric to choose when customizing their shopping bags, which leads to the purchase of shopping bags that may not be available. It will also cost us a lot of money. Next, I will introduce you to different fabrics of several shopping bags.
RPET is made from recycled plastic bottles, making it an environmentally friendly fabric. This durable material can withstand routine use and will continue to promote your brand in the long term. This material can also be recycled when the time is right. www.wellpromotion.com

For polypropylene, you have two options: polypropylene woven and non-woven polypropylene. Woven polypropylene is an excellent choice for custom shopping bags because it is extremely durable. Woven polypropylene is also made from recycled plastic, but the plastic is stretched into threads and then woven together to form a fabric.

The fabric structure imparts strength to the fabric, making the fabric polypropylene the material of choice for industrial packaging of cereals, sugars and other materials. Use this durability and strength for your custom shopping bag and pass your message there.

The beginning of nonwoven polypropylene is similar to a woven version except that thin recycled plastic strands are bonded together to form a fabric. The resulting fabric is lightweight and ideal for custom shopping bags as it does not affect your customers. Nonwoven polypropylene also has the added benefit of soft touch. Both types of polypropylene can be recycled when the bag meets its usefulness.

Sustainable fabric
Cotton, bamboo and jute are sustainable fabric choices. Sustainable materials are made from plant materials, which means they can be planted, planted and harvested again and again to create more fabrics. As natural plant-based materials, these fabrics can be recycled or composted to minimize the brand's green footprint. Sustainable fabrics use a woven structure similar to woven polypropylene, but they use natural fibers as the thread. These fabrics give the finished bag a softer, more natural look.

Offer a variety of bags, including backpacks, school bags, diaper bags, sports bags, travel bags, handbags, waist bags, laptop bags,Picnic bag, trolley bags, cooler bags, and luggage etc, combined with quality, function and value, serving both the domestic and international markets. Knowing a few fabrics, we can choose the right fabric in the custom shopping bag, as well as its durability and price point to consider, we have the best team to help you choose the right fabric, high quality products. The latest design makes your value for money. Welcome to consult.

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