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  Learn Information of RS Big Game Hunter Updates with 60% off Cheap RS Gold on RS3gold

Date Wednesday, June 12th 2019, 2:01 PM; Icon 10; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

The big summer update 2019 the Land Out of Time (also Anachronia) is kicking off in July with a bunch of great content. Today we mainly offer more information about the new hunting method on the island - RuneScape Big Game Hunter.

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What does the Big Game Hunting feature?

There will be 9 new creatures encountered along with the Big Game Hunting, requiring level 75 Hunter to level 96 Hunter. To kill the creatures, you need collect resources to build and arm traps.
With each creature killed, you skin it and loot it. Since this new and innovative activity is instanced, there is no competition here.

What loot can you see on the drop table?

Similar to the way boss drops work, the loot during Big Game Hunter will roll on a drop table. You can use the skin to make a new T75 Ranged tank armour, which has Ranged version of Ganodermic and its one themed “flakes” which is used to craft it (like Gano flakes).
Meanwhile, 3 different untradeable pieces can be dropped and combined into Hexhunter-style Maul. It can give the damage boost against Ranged based creatures while sharing the same boost and stats as Hexhunter bow.

In addition to this New RS Big Game Hunter, you also can build a base camp, enjoy an island wide Agility course and bunch of new Slayer monsters on the new island. Keep your eyes peeled for further news here.

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