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  Learn Latest OSRS Hosidius Rework Improvements with 9% off Runescape 07 gold on RS3gold

Date Monday, June 3rd 2019, 12:54 PM; Icon 11; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

After the release of the Old School RuneScape Hosidius rework, the team has not stopped their work to further improve Hosidius. Recently, they reveal a series of small updates in contents like OSRS Kingstown. For more details, check the following text.

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Update in Hosidius after Hosidius Rework

After the release of Hosidius Rework, the team has made a series of adjustments to further improve your in-game experience. Check the details below in the May 30’s updates.
1.An incorrectly placed range icon in Hosidius is moved.
2. The Hosidius estate agent will no longer wander out of his building.
3. The mud under OSRS Hosidius house portal has its color adjusted.
4. No obstructive table and chair are now in the building in eastern Hosidius.
5. A district of Kourend has been named as Kingstown, which is now referred to in some directions in the Queen of Thieves quest.
6. Some missing edging is restored to an allotment in Hosidius.
7. The music track “The Forlorn Homestead”, instead of “Country Jig”, now plays at the farming patches in Hosidius.
8. The cow field in northern Hosidius is now a multi-way combat zone to promote more effective bovine slaughter.

Check Hosidius Rework details

As we know, the Hosidius Rework has moved the Tithe farm from its central position, leaving a space for a new town. The huge update also cause some other buildings to move. You can check the Hosidius Rework detailed changes on our site too, and take the opportunity to take advantage of the update.

Head to the OSRS Kingstown and other places to experience the changes in Hosidius Rework. And buy OSRS gold cheap from us if you need any.

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