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  The Elder Scrolls is a dumpster fire

Date Thursday, April 11th 2019, 8:45 AM; Icon 6; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Bethesdas new slogan"We create great games and use the name of that game to fool even more cash out of you". Between publishing Skyrim 1357 times on every platform over the span of a decade, I nearly guarantee the new Xbox and Ps5 will find a"10th anniversary edition" in 2021(I think it initially released in 2011, might be incorrect n too lazy to double check lol). Plus the imperfect, clear cash grab that it is(was?) The Elder Scrolls is a dumpster fire. Im really impressed that one of the most beloved developers, who've made business changing classics(Fallout series and Elder Scrolls) was able to launch a game so poor that they really destroyed their standing.

I will be honest with you Jeremy. I play with two The Elder Scrolls Blades since they are really fun and innovative, but most importantly I play with them for the"time-killing" they offer. It's challenging to play games for several hours without a break, or simply keep playing an online game when you are tilted occasionally. So The Elder Scrolls Blades have came to me in that respect of pleasure. Kings raid is by far my preferred mobile game, as it removes *MOST* of the random elements. I perform dokkan battle cause im a foul weeb, but fuck that games money grabbing. Absolutely disgusting how uncooperative bandai leaves their shit.

Kings raid also is like a little pocket MMO that has online servers and you are able to play with friends, and meet people in a guild and do things with in real-time so I truly hand it to that game dev company. They work round the clock hoping to make that match genuinely good.Also a lot of The Elder Scrolls Blades (Like KR I know im a fanboy) create EVERYTHING accessible Free-to-play. The Elder Scrolls Bladess complimentary aswell and pretty much majority of people have phones, and phones can even emulate up to like PS1/2 nowadays. It beats buying a handheld for 250-350$ and then 40$ each match. However, fuck games such as Diablo Immortal and things, nobody wants this, now if it wasn't diablo, maybe people would of shot it even better.
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