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  External Features of Rugged Industrial Tablet

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Rugged Tablet for Industries have become essential tools for facilitating the execution of commands and the distribution of data between the management and employees. At Rugged Sumo, we are privileged to offer many types of rugged industrial tablets to provide optimal value for money spent. But before settling on a specific model, here are a few things you should know to make an informed decision.

External Features of Rugged Industrial Tablet (What display sizes are available for this tablet?)

We at Rugged Sumo strive to provide ideal Microsoft rugged tablets tailored at delivering nothing short of exceptional video and messaging services. To this end, we offer the following diverse rugged industrial tablets consisting of the 7, 8, 10 and 12-inch models. Let me give you some examples of them.

The 10-inch Screen Windows Rugged Tablet

This is a unique 10-inch Microsoft tablet that packs 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution and a capacitive touchscreen with original and pen handwriting support features. It features an Intel cherry trail Z8350 Master control that supports a variety of video playback formats such as MPEG 1/2/4, MVC and H.263/H.264 to ensure unique video content and swift execution of commands.

The DG07 Windows Android dual system rugged tablet

This modern 7.5-inch touchscreen tablet windows 8 packs 1200 by 1920 HD resolution. It features an Intel Baytrail-T (Quad-core), Z8350 max 1.84 GHz uniquely designed to provide unrivaled connection and data transmission capabilities. Its 2G DDR3L RAM is sophisticated enough to provide fast data speeds commonly associated with high-demand professional environments.

The GX07 Windows Android dual system rugged tablet

This 7-inch rugged industrial tablets features an Intel quad-core coupled by a 5-point capacitive touchscreen that delivers sufficient display clarity to run various programs, capture images and transmit data with optimal efficiency. Its 8800 by 1280 IPs display resolution is tailored to ensure easy access to multiple applications and support High-Definition video connectivity. With an HDMI 14a interface, you can easily connect your tablet to an additional screen panel and communicate with large crowds.

Case Components of Rugged Industrial Tablet (Is the tablet made of a metal or plastic case? )

At Rugged Sumo, we have pulled all the stops to source and incorporate a high-quality plastic casing characterized by reinforced frames, soft corner bumps, and hardened glass to ensure that your industrial grade tablet delivers beyond its expected capacity. We have taken considerable steps to test such rugged industrial tablets under intense environments to ascertain their durability and authenticity before offering them to customers. Our efforts have revolved around the 810G standard tests to verify performance after adverse falls.

Damage Resistance of Rugged Industrial Tablet (What features have been incorporated to make the windows rugged tablet a formidable device?)

Damage resistant displays

To ensure exceptional efficiency and performance, each tablet is fitted with a Corning created Gorilla Glass to provide top-tier survival in real-world occupational environments. The introduction of the Corning Gorilla Glass significantly increases screen durability and strengthens damage resistance on your industrial grade tablet without altering its weight.

Industrial strength frame

At Rugged Sumo, we have gone above and beyond to introduce a chemically strengthened industrial framework adept at withstanding wear and tear over time without affecting its performance. As a commercial grade tablet user, you can rest assured knowing that your device exhibits advanced protection against harsh environments and intense pressure.

Sealed ports

When you are in the field, you need a commercial tablet that won’t shut down when exposed to dust or water. To keep your industrial grade tablet operating with clockwork precision, we have taken the liberty to seal off all entry points often poised to cause significant damage to your device. Substances such as dust, ice, snow or rain shouldn’t stop you from carrying on with your duties with relative ease.

Shock resistant storage

Whether you work in a manufacturing plant or processing zone, your tablet is fitted with damage-resistant SSDs to protect your device from internal shock impact. The advanced shock and vibration system also protects your industrial grade tablet from excessive vibrations when on transit.







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