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  equipment is for WoW Classic.

Date Thursday, April 4th 2019, 10:03 AM; Icon 5; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

I adore guy, although these episodes. . It is becoming really distracting and it makes you sound like a bunch of freshmen beta house guys. Think about the above, I'm sure the quality of these episodes increases tenfold. Thanks and video yet for what that you do in maintaining up my hype for WoW Classic.

Fantastic video but I thought we'd find a in depth talk. Allowed Tips asked concerning the sharding, loot trade and right click report as a single query, but not talking and giving examples what will (or most likely) happen. You say they are currently listening to podcasts such as this? Great but all they hear is the exact same old issue (s) and that we have concerns but little talk.The only thing we've heared the reason why they wish to bring that is becuase"it will benefit us both, we do not need to address a great deal of tickets such as back in the day and you don't need to wait 3-4 days for the loot". Am I is nothing else but a problem in their end?

But please, tell me how will adding say LT be a good thing? For max lvl 60 raiders with all their guilds/friends set that which you trust, sure but what about lvl 15-60 (instance lvl mounts ) because we understand how enormous part that is for the immersion and accomplish feeling. Plus how significant equipment is for WoW Classic. Why can't ActivBlizz understand that they will ADD problems. Things that we did not have in Vanilla and worked fine without and yet they keep telling us"we would like to give you an authenitc edition of the sport".

I will read this as an open book, if this will not be adressed. 7 mmo's and understand how it goes. The forums threads (and tickets if that will be possible) would be like this:Another of these instances, meh ninjad again, I'm done doing examples if my friends are not on, fun with 3-4 ppl roster against me often, I try tell them why but they don't care on . If we have to have some kind of"sharding" it will only be at the start zone and also for a little period of time before it's more stable. LT and RcR will be there ALL the time, that is the problem. People will abuse those systems as it's the human character, sad but true.Common thing that I hear is"idiots will still be idiots no matter". Well add a system that will promote and provide more earth to those idiots? Thank you for reading this.
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