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  I promise this post is totally safe for work

Date Saturday, March 30th 2019, 12:02 PM; Icon 20; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Let us back up a little. Blades was among several jaw-dropping announcements at Bethesda's E3 press conference earlier this week -- a demonstration that also included Fallout 76 plus a tease for a totally new space game named Starfield. Along with the programmer also announced The Elder Scrolls Blades, the next installment of its cherished dream series. However, before we get that PC-centric sequel to Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim, we're getting Elder Scrolls Blades, a mobile game set from the Elder Scrolls world, scheduled to strike later this year.

And that's the one I'll be enjoying. And yes, you can tilt your phone on both sides and perform in landscape mode, if you would like. However, Bethesda's decision to allow you to play the match in portrait mode was inspired. A portrait mode enables you to play the match with one hand while your other hand is completely free. Why is this such a huge deal for me personally? It's everything to do with what my flip side will be doing while playing. And yes, I promise this post is totally safe for work.

I haven't regularly played a game on my iPhone since 2016. Back then, my sport of choice was Hearthstone. I played it a lot. Though the PC version of the game remains my favourite, I loved it even more when it came to iPad and that I could play it in my bed before turning in. When it eventually launched on iPhones and Android telephones, I had been seriously playing with it every chance I could get.

The summit of my obsession was when my first son was born in September 2016. Soon after, it was not uncommon to find me swaying back and forth in his bedroom rocking chair, baby in 1 hand, my iphone at the other, ruining fools online (sometimes) in card battles. Or type of.Unfortunately, Hearthstone is performed in landscape, and it can be difficult, although not impossible, to play with one hand. Nonetheless, it's not perfect and not comfortable.

But with Blades I will not have to make it work. Son no. two is slated to arrive in August, and also the match's supposed release date is September. I have not played it yet, so there is a chance it could actually suck. Who knows? As of now though, the thought of playing a game in my phone that's even an approximation of Skyrim with just one hand requires a bit of the bite from the intense sleep deprivation that expects me two months from today.

Additionally, the fact I have been looking for a new dark fantasy RPG to sink my teeth into that doesn't ask me to remember what many buttons and button combinations perform if I take off a week (looking at you, Witcher 2; this is the reason why I never really ended you!) And it is like they created this game specifically for me! The Elder Scrolls Blades will even give me some incentive to update from my iPhone 7 Plus to whatever the new luxury iPhone is known as this year as I'll need as high a framerate as possible with the maximum detail. From what I could tell from the demonstration shown at the Bethesda press conference, the game is gorgeous.

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