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  Rainbow Six Siege is Constantly Changing

Date Friday, September 21st 2018, 6:00 AM; Icon 37; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

We have other things such as a chat filter which we have mentioned in preceding toxicity communications which we are working on. A conversation filter supersedes an auto-ban as in case a message is not sent then there is no need to ban someone because of this. We've got longer term things that we're working towards that may potentially create the auto-ban for toxicity feature obsolete. We do not know yet but we'll see how that develops.

It is not the only thing we're working on: along with the two-step verification requirement for ranked, we're working on things like gaining back any MMR lost when you play with a cheater, and we're also increasing our penetration testing efforts .

So we are finding hacks and potential exploits in the game before others, which is enormous when it comes to anti-cheat attempts. We are stepping up how often and how frequently we are working on that, we've got a couple different ideas kicking around, but we still can't talk about it because anti-cheat is such a sensitive topic and we do not wish to share a lot on it. These three things will have a pretty big impact, particularly the penetration testing and patching those out vulnerabilities.

We've got Clash, who is the first defender to carry a defense. She is in the Metropolitan Police Service, she's from the united kingdom, and personally I think she is really exciting. She can meet two unique functions very capably, either heading out to meet attackers at the entry of the construction and delay themor she is able to hold back and postpone their push as they get close to the objective. With those 2 things in mind, it'll be interesting to see the way she plays in the meta and at which gamers find her very best fit is.

To get Maverick, the capability to make little murder holes through reinforced walls will be awesome. I believe Maverick is going to have a huge impact on the total meta and the way the game is played, both vertically and horizontally, and I'm really eager to see our specialists and all of the other players use him in different ways. www.mmotank.com

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