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  To know that he won four Frank-Salker trophies

Date Thursday, April 5th 2018, 5:22 AM; Icon 19; Date 3; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Captain Chara is 40 years old, but he is still playing such a senior age. He has played a huge body for each game and contributed the longest playing time of the team. The average time per game is 23 minutes or more, and the effect is excellent. The rookie McAvoy has performed brilliantly and has so far scored 32 points. What needs to be paid attention to most and is most easily overlooked is Bergeron's play. He scored 60 points in only 59 games and scored more than 1 on average. To know that he won four Frank-Salker trophies, this trophy is designed to reward those who have played the most defensive team forward. It is to see the contribution of Bergeron to the team's defense, and his +28 efficiency is also Not surprising www.onlinegameshop.com .

What I must mention is the uniform team of the Bruins. General Manager Don Sweeney completed four transactions and a major signing in the week prior to the trading deadline to make the final preparations for the upcoming playoff battle. The biggest of these was Rick Nash from the Rangers trade. Although he paid a lot of money, Nash's arrival greatly increased the depth of the Bruins' team lineup. He also shared with the same group of David Cray. Iche formed a good chemical reaction. Nash’s large size also reminded Brown Bears fans of Nathan Horton and Milan Lu?i?, who had fought together around Creech. Both of the same physically strong players had a good time when they were playing alongside Creech. In the first few games of the team’s first appearance, he scored 2 goals and 4 assists in 4 games. In the hurricane against the hurricane on Feb. 27, he not only scored his own representative of the brown bear in the middle of the first quarter. One goal, but also the 800th point of his career, also used the club in the defense to block the goal of the hurricane guard Jacob Slavin.

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