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  What are the Best Colors to Wear? You'll Want to Steal Our Ideas

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Imagine a life without colors! They help evoke certain kinds of feelings within us, either consciously or sub-consciously. Color psychology is therefore very much a studied subject, wherein the relation of colors with human feelings is revealed. In fact, every shade denotes a particular meaning. Such is the popularity, that color therapy is applied to many aspects of our life.

The most elegant of people look classy, not because they shop for outfits from famous fashion designers. They look so, simply because of the right choice in terms of tinctures. In spite of the changing fashion trends, the trick remains in selecting colors that best complement your personality. So, how would one know which colors to wear? How does one co-ordinate them? Here are some fashion tips to select the most appropriate combinations.

That gorgeous red dress you have seen in the shop window may not really suit your body shape or skin tone. Picking up something that only looks good in the display is a common fashion blunder. Here's how to avoid such fashion faux pas.

If your skin tone is dark, you should opt for light shades, for a contrast. You must wear shades that complement your skin and hair color. Therefore, avoid shades on the darker side, such as dark brown, magenta, dark pink, and black. If it's a must to wear these, remember to use them in minimum proportions.

People with medium skin tones are luckier in terms of selection of colors. They can safely select light/pale colors as well as dark shades. This helps create a beautiful contrast with the natural skin tone. A person with a medium skin tone can look good in shades of beige, blue, pink, or even burgundy! Yet, red is something that should be avoided.
Source from: www.wearzius.se

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