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  Embby It is expected in early February when I can play back to back

Date Wednesday, January 10th 2018, 6:23 AM; Icon 146; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

According to NBC, the 76ers center Joel Embiid took (www.lolga.com ) part in the team training today, which is something to celebrate in what Brett Brown, head coach, believes.

"Joel has been training today, which made me happy today," Brown said.

"He still had some soreness in his hand, but to me it was better for him to improve his condition than for a man he was running back and forth alone, and more importantly he could interact with his teammates Exchange, "Brown said.

Embiid said his hand was not only sore, he said, "still bothering me and still hurts." But that was not enough to get him out of the game.

"I want to be on the court, and if I miss a race, that means somewhere in my body was hurt badly," said Exib, "that day I was a suspicious player, but I felt I can help the team, so I'm up, I'm a bit worried, because if someone hits your hand then the injury gets worse so I have to be cautious but I want to be back on the court, I I want to play, so if not the kind of pain that really bothers me, I'll keep playing. "

Although it is impossible to say goodbye to pain, Embiid is optimistic that he can play back-to-back games, although the decision is made by the medical team.

"I think the most crucial thing for me is to keep training, to take part in training the other day after the game, to see how the body reacts, and whether it's the team's decision to play back to back, and I definitely want to play it, but that's Their decision is that if they feel I can maintain the intensity of the game and maintain strength while training, then I think I should be able to play back-to-back by early February, "said Embid.

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