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  Durant I do not care how much I get in the NBA

Date Friday, January 5th 2018, 6:06 AM; Icon 151; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

According to The Athletic correspondent Anthony Slater, Warriors forward Kevin Durant is only a step away from the 20000-point mark of his career. Durant had already scored 19950 points before the Warriors faced Lone Ranger today.

Durant was asked what he thought he could eventually get in the NBA minutes, Durant replied: "To be honest, I do not care about this.In the past I am very concerned about this: 'I want to become the highest score in NBA history 'But, my skill is here, you have to look at my basketball skills, you can not stare at my data ... you have to watch my performance and figure out what I do to get these Score, I score, effectively score, but also win. "

"So I'm more interested in these, I hope I can play for (www.lolga.com) a long time, I will continue to do what I do now, and then we see what will happen in the end.I do not want to limit this," Durant said.

Durant is only 29 years old, the reporter mentioned that he had the opportunity to impact the 30,000 mark, which Durant said: "I had a season before the injury was plagued last season I missed 20 games on the I missed 10 games last season ... and, I read a year in college. Who knows? Wait and see. "

Reporter asked Durant is not effective after the Warriors, reducing his on-court scoring needs.

Durant said: "There will be less in a game some points, but it is worth it."

Warriors played against the Lone Ranger to the third quarter, Durant played 20 minutes 10 shots 6 to get 16 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists.

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