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  Spalletti I want to hide the player contract

Date Thursday, January 4th 2018, 6:20 AM; Icon 157; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

According to "Italian football" reported Inter coach Spalletti Pro, he is very worried about the team in January by selling existing players to (www.lolga.com ) find ways to comply with the Fiscal Fair Act.

Nerazzurri is still facing serious problems, I am afraid it is difficult to pass the fiscal fairness bill. Today there are reports that the Nerazzurri thought Paris midfielder Pastorre, I am afraid it will be unable to join the team because of this problem.

Not only that, Inter is currently facing the problem is not that you can not spend money, but also make some money through the transfer market to be able to successfully pass the financial review.

Spalletti held talks with senior blue-and-black executives, after which he was stopped by an Italian journalist and asked whether there was a potential fair there.

Inter Milan coach is relatively easy, he even joked, told reporters: "The reason I came here is to hide my players' contract, and now I want to take them home and hide."

"You have to ask the managers about the transfer because my job is not responsible for calculating the financial stuff."

"For me, now I just want to keep my players, and if we did not have people missing during the winter window, that's good, but I'm afraid they'll make some of my players disappear from the roster."

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