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  Ball Lopez to participate in team training

Date Wednesday, January 3rd 2018, 6:39 AM; Icon 148; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

According to the Lakers official news, the team starting (www.lolga.com) point guard Lang Zuo - Bauer and Bruker - Lopez have joined the team co-operation today.

Powell was injured on the left shoulder on the Lakers Trail Blazers on December 24, missing the team's last five games. Lopez sprained his right ankle during the Lakers and Warriors game on Dec. 19, and the Lakers officially announced that both could attend the team's training and be included in the daily watch list, but it's not yet certain whether they will play against tomorrow's Thunder game.

The Lakers have been tragically seven-game losing streak, 11 wins and 25 losses ranked bottom in western. Wharton repeatedly said in the interview after the interview miss Lang Zuo:

"Regardless of Powell's shot hit, his style of play can make the team better, Hart and Ennis performed well, but we still miss him. We believe that Bauer is the kind of play that can be played Winning ball player. "

In addition, Kuzma due to the quadriceps injury, Tomorrow is still not sure whether play against the Thunder game. In an interview, he said that the intensive schedule is a bit difficult for him to digest. "In college, you only need to play two games a week. The injury can recover quickly because there's plenty of time to take a break, but in the NBA, you have races almost every night so it's hard for you to rest and I will Look, try ice-cream, exercise, try everything I can to prepare for the game. "

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