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  Fellaini: I should not label the murderer

Date Tuesday, January 2nd 2018, 8:49 AM; Icon 149; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

According to The Daily Mail, Manchester United midfielder Fellaini said he was at a crucial moment in his career at a (www.lolga.com) time when media and fans labeled "villain" and "murderer" unfair.

The Belgian midfielder's contract with Manchester United ends by the end of the season and now he rejects the new contract given to the Red Devils and looks forward to an improved offer. In addition to Manchester United side will continue its efforts, it is said that Turkey's Besiktas Club is also very interested in Fellaini. And under the terms of the Persian Act contract, Fellaini is free to contact other clubs from next Monday without having to wait for United's permission.

The 30-year-old midfielder was sold by Everton to Manchester United for £ 27.5 million for his "embarrassing" style and has played at Old Trafford for four and a half years, during which time He is still maintaining a mixed reputation.

However, Fellaini said he did not recognize the critique of "bravery and courage." He played only three red cards during his effectiveness at Manchester United, including Aguero, the head of Derby in Manchester, and Hoot, who pulled his head at the elbow. Belgium midfielder in his own magazine interview repeatedly stressed that he is not a "villain" or "murderer", get the reputation is unreasonable.

Fellaini said: "They put me a" killer "label, at least a very aggressive player, but this is unreasonable.View, I sometimes have a bit fanatical, but that Because the team is in a difficult situation and needs such an emotion to protect the eventual victory, but sometimes I was treated as a bad guy by people. "

"What should I do if opponents pull my hair like Hut? It sounds like a joke, but that's really a painful issue. Last season at Derby I was suffering from Aguero He was taken to me and then fell down, but no, I got the red card. "

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