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  Real Madrid 16 lost 17 points close to the previous quarter

Date Wednesday, December 27th 2017, 6:34 AM; Icon 122; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

After 17 rounds in La Liga, Real Madrid behind Barca (www.lolga.com) points difference has reached 14 points. Real Madrid really less round, but the double-digit points difference or the fans and the media unacceptable. Aspen newspaper pointed out today that Real Madrid kicked 16 games lost 17 points, which is almost the same as last year's lost points throughout the year. Real left a total of 21 points in 38 rounds last season.

Compared to 14 points difference, home defeat to Barcelona 3-0, leaving the Real Madrid unacceptable. You know, before C Rosette want to let Barcelona to Real Madrid lined up, the result Real Madrid eventually became the spectator of the game. "Marca" pointed out that in the history of Real Madrid, the home defeat to Barcelona, ​​the coach basically after class. The difference is that someone is dismissed in the field, someone is in the end of the season after class.

In the 73/74 season, Moloney's Real Madrid 0-5 loss to Barcelona. In the ensuing season, Real Madrid lost at home again 0 to 4, Moloney eventually fired. Real Madrid Amancio lost 0-3 at home in the 84/85 season and Real Madrid lost by 0 to 3 in the 05/06 season, with Juan de Ramos' Real Madrid losing 2 to 6 at home. The final get out of class is not only the three coach, also includes three presidents Luis de Carlos, Florentino and Boruda. Zinedine Zidane has been able to enter Real Madrid, but also directly from Benitez lost to Barcelona in the 0-4 after class soon.

In history, there are Real Madrid coach lost to Barcelona at home after the handsome bit. Mourinho is to get the league title, Ancelotti is the top of the Champions League. Real Madrid lost to Barcelona at home 2 to 3 last season, but eventually Zidane led the team to become La Liga and the Champions League double. In La Liga history, no team can reverse the win 14 points behind the Christmas holidays. Zidane want to keep the handsome bit, you must get the Champions League trophy. But the problem is that Real Madrid's first knockout opponent is big Paris ... ...

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